Audio NFTs Are Next Big Thing

4 min readOct 21, 2020

DJPEPE, the blockchain spawn of Bitcoin and XCP was born on October 13, 2016. The legendary DJPEPE was born in a litter of 169 identical tiny turntablist tadpoles. The young amphibians would quickly grow up to be alpha, sideways hat wearing frogs modeled after the legendary DJ Q-Bert himself.

Some people didn’t realize how special DJPEPE was at first. (Including his creator.) After all, he was just 1 of 4 others in “The 4 Elements Of Hip-Hop Series.” The batch of 4 also included MCPEPE, BBOYPEPE & the graffiiti legend PEPEONE, they were all born within Series 4 of the culture-shifting Rare Pepe Trading Card Game.

The first couple of months were spent getting to know the ins and outs of how to navigate the block(chain.) Then, with his manager Rare Scrilla’s (aka DJ J-Scrilla) help, DJPEPE got plugged in with the Godfather of Rare Digitable Collectibles, Joe Looney, and together they formulated a way to have DJPEPE manage his own private playlist, which would only be accessible through the Rarepepewallet. DJPEPE was to become the Kool Herc of Bitcoin and all blockchains.

By owning a DJPEPE card, you were able to click on the digital card and “BONUS” text would appear. It would take you to a private soundcloud page of exclusive tunes by Scrilla and some of his degenerate pals.

DJPEPE still gets sporadic uploads but the wallet is used sparingly these days.(edit: a few months after this writing, the Rare Pepe community has become quite active again and DJPEPE is very active, with new uploads and such.) There’s occasionally some kinks in accessing the playlist and some days are better than others for tuning in. The Rarepepewallet isn’t as used or as maintained as it once was. Joe, the creator of the wallet, obviously thinks maintaining a frog wallet is less important than spending time with his kids and wife. Weird flex bro.

The point is, we’ve come a long way since then and now most of the AudioNFT market that started on Bitcoin/XCP resides on Ethereum and to a lesser degree Wax, Flow and others vying for their place in the expanding market. Now you can mint unlockables on or you can start a digital record store and sell collectible music on like DAORecords does. These days you can use a number of platforms and more pop up everyday it seems. I won’t get…


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