Art for “Pyrex Picasso” by Rare Scrilla

In April of 2019, my team and I spent a few days in L.A. recording an EP with Benny The Butcher of Griselda fame. He hadn’t dropped “Plugs I Met” yet but he was buzzing from his Alchemist & Daringer produced “Tana Talk 3” project. Over the past year and…

I’m not a programmer or a developer. I make art and music. In other words, I’m just a dumb artist. But, I found an app that can make me look like a cutting edge art-fart.

In the blink of an eye, I went from a simple man who draws crude pictures and makes grimey ass hip-hop beats to a man who creates futuristic merchandise and art prints that have the ability to combine my art and my music together!

When you first see your art come to life using AR.

The easiest way to explain AR is to liken it to the Pokemon app that took the kids by storm a couple of years ago. In layman’s terms, simply using your phone, you can download an app, install and run it and then hover over an area or a specific…

Edgy sign. Bold Hashtags. DJPEPE sticker. My kind of a party.

We are six weeks into 2019, and I’ve already been to three conferences that were all unique in their own way. I wrote about my Vegas experience at the Unconfiscatable Conference, which was billed as “Bitcoin Not Blockchain” and featured mostly self-described Bitcoin maxmillists and HODLers. I was in Mexico…

Good afternoon friends and family of the decentralized distributed ledger community. I was scrolling thru the twitter today when I saw a tweet storm from a well known game developer, Mike Bithell, on twitter. I love seeing criticism of this space, because it brings out discussions that many people in…


Manipulator of pixels, ink and sound. Experimenting with blockchain memes since 2014.

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