I know i know, the headline is so misleading. So much wrong.

“The space is called NFT art now, Scrilla.” — Everyone

“Actually, by my calculations, the President makes more by taking advantage of networks, Scrilla.” — Karen

“Beeple doesnt even make cryptoart, he’s been fucking wizard, Scrilla.” — Beeple fans

“Its not cryptoart it is all design, Scrilla “ — Pak

(these are made up quotes in case anyone doesn’t enjoy muh good spirited jabs)

Look. This space is unbelievable. I mean, Beeple transcends cryptoart, NFT space, rare digital art, blockchain art or whatever you want to call this…

Art for “Pyrex Picasso” by Rare Scrilla

In April of 2019, my team and I spent a few days in L.A. recording an EP with Benny The Butcher of Griselda fame. He hadn’t dropped “Plugs I Met” yet but he was buzzing from his Alchemist & Daringer produced “Tana Talk 3” project. Over the past year and a half, he has blown up to become one of the biggest rappers in the game. He currently has the #1 hip-hop record out, produced entirely by Hit Boy, who just dropped an album with Nas and has made some of Kanye and Jay-Z’s biggest hits of the past decade.


DJPEPE, the blockchain spawn of Bitcoin and XCP was born on October 13, 2016. The legendary DJPEPE was born in a litter of 169 identical tiny turntablist tadpoles. The young amphibians would quickly grow up to be alpha, sideways hat wearing frogs modeled after the legendary DJ Q-Bert himself.

Some people didn’t realize how special DJPEPE was at first. (Including his creator.) After all, he was just 1 of 4 others in “The 4 Elements Of Hip-Hop Series.” …

I’m not a programmer or a developer. I make art and music. In other words, I’m just a dumb artist. But, I found an app that can make me look like a cutting edge art-fart.

In the blink of an eye, I went from a simple man who draws crude pictures and makes grimey ass hip-hop beats to a man who creates futuristic merchandise and art prints that have the ability to combine my art and my music together!

When you first see your art come to life using AR.

The easiest way to explain AR is to liken it to the Pokemon app that took the kids by storm a couple of years ago. In layman’s terms, simply using your phone, you can download an app, install and run it and then hover over an area or a specific image. When you look at the area or image through the phone then the screen will depict whatever has been programmed right on your phone. …

Edgy sign. Bold Hashtags. DJPEPE sticker. My kind of a party.

We are six weeks into 2019, and I’ve already been to three conferences that were all unique in their own way. I wrote about my Vegas experience at the Unconfiscatable Conference, which was billed as “Bitcoin Not Blockchain” and featured mostly self-described Bitcoin maxmillists and HODLers. I was in Mexico for an invite-only conference, which I attended as a guest but was not directly invited to, so out of respect for the rules I didn’t write about it. Finally, I just got back from TAB, which happened to take place in one of my favorite cities- HotLanta. The Atlanta Blockchain…

I’m sitting at the airport in Las Vegas waiting on a 1:30am flight that will eventually land me somewhere on the east coast in 8 hours. I didn’t plan on it or anything, but as one of my 2019 resolutions was to write more, I figured I’d recap a bit of what went down in Vegas. I know I’m breaking the rules. What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Carson County, Nevada. But, I just came from a conference about sticking it to the man and I’m feeling unruly.

Thursday, The Bitcoin Carnivory Club Dinner

I decided to focus full-time in this space towards the end of 2017. Seems like a decade ago now.

::::Signal Warning::::

I think it’s important to note that as an independent creative, I have the luxury to speak freely and I don’t have to tailor my thoughts to appease a venture capital investor or boss. I’m a Bitcoiner. I play with Ethereum too, but mainly because that’s where much of the cryptoArt experimentation has moved to over the past year but I would love to help some more Bitcoin-specific art/music projects get on their feet as well. …

Good afternoon friends and family of the decentralized distributed ledger community. I was scrolling thru the twitter today when I saw a tweet storm from a well known game developer, Mike Bithell, on twitter. I love seeing criticism of this space, because it brings out discussions that many people in the space are scared to have. There is too much “pie in the sky” blockchain talk and to be fair, I agree with much of what Mike is saying but his conclusion and thinking may not be definitive. (Btw, I feel like I can kind of gauge a person’s blockchain…

official logo of my telegram chat. Link to join is below.

I recently started a cryptoMusic telegram channel to centralize the discussion of the niche yet blossoming ideas that are taking shape amongst musicians, music lovers, and developers interested in merging music and blockchain. Anyone following me the past 4 years has hopefully witnessed my passion for cryptocurrencies and how musicians (and artists — but this article will focus strictly on music) can take advantage of this technology. I would love to see more of my musician friends, peers, and associates join in the discussion and help shape the future of this fun experiment. I’ve reached out to several of you…

Back cover of SILK ROAD album

In early 2014, I, DJ J-Scrilla, conjured up an album called SILK ROAD with my production team Inner Loop (Casito delFresco, Grussle and myself.) The album dug into the deep web and with that came the discovery of bitcoin. After releasing the project in December 2014 and wanting to accept bitcoin for the project I discovered it wasn’t easy. The technology was young and, as far as I could tell, no reliable platforms had been built. …


Manipulator of pixels, ink and sound. Experimenting with blockchain memes since 2014.

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